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21 Day Training Challenges

Train your body, mind and will to 21 days to gain new Skill. Challenge your self to 3 weeks of intense training to mold new champion in you, I Dare you!

Starting in 2021

October 1st

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Professional League

Sporting the Local sports arenas and competition leagues in your area. Develop the skills to get to the next level. Training program from nations top professionals.


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Basketball Game


1 on 1 Coaching Staff

Join the nations number 1 sports coaching network with hundreds of coaching staff available to develop the skills and game play.

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Our Business

Get rid of your dinosaur systems and upgrade with confidence. DM Network Solutions provides top industry standards in Web Design and IT Support with a personal touch. 

With over 15 years of Experience our team of professionals is ready to take on your project and deliver a quality product that will satisfy your expectations. 

Neat Computer Desk

1 on 1 Consulting

IT consulting specializing in content management, Sales processes, customer relationship management and customer interactive web experiences.

Startup Room

"Innovation on the rise, Stay ahead of the curve"

Daniel Maldonado

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