Blogging in 2020

It's all about content, value and consistency, blogging has never been stronger from breaking news, to how to's and opinion posts interactive blogging is alive and thriving. We have Online podcasts, video blogging, foodies, video games, technology, and more. When blogging about a subject is important to become vested in your content, this will bring value to what you are offering, translating into a lasting reach, and more potential revenue. With a consistent output of well produced content over time your brand raise in value. So what is the take away, like investing in something, research and do your homework about the content you are producing, put out the content and keep improving it each time and don't give up but consistently produce and you will son become a household name for many.

My wife Yaneisy recently took on the endeavor of producing her own podcast show Time To Thrive using an app on her phone but she soon realize its not only a cool app but it has allowed her to tap in to an industry that up till recently was only open to a few with thousands of upfront capital investment for the equipment. Now its not about the equipment but about your content. So anyone can start a podcast but committed, creative and can do mentality Thrive and Succeed in this fast paced world.

Check out the Podcast and let us know below what you think. "You got this!"

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