Passwords Best Practices

For years now we all have experience the dreaded login fiasco of a lost or forgotten password. Here I present to you 5 tips that will help you choose a better password and keep your accounts safe and secure when you work online.

  1. When selecting a new password do not use any personal identifying information (PII) such as your name, surname, date of birth or city you are from.

  2. Make sure the password for your email, bank accounts and other sensitive information have unique passwords, do not use the same password for all your accounts.

  3. When available set up and use 2 Step Verification this will greatly improve the security of your accounts.

  4. Select a password longer than 10 characters that has Capital Letters and Special Characters.

  5. Do not share your passwords with anyone or write them down on a document on the computer like excel. This can be a security risk, instead there are programs that help guard securely your passwords. However, if you save your passwords on your browser, make sure to lock your computer when you leave your desk.

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